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Marie B. Wealth Management London 

Joelle Brahin is a very effective

and passionate coach.
Having had a very successful career as a lawyer, Joelle combines rigour and professionalism with her empathic personality and active listening skills.

I found that she was also very flexible and really tailored the sessions to fit me.
I would encourage anyone who is not sure where to start with coaching to have a discussion with Joelle on Harrison Assessment. The assessment is a very positive process, looking at one’s values, preferences and strengths, as a base to then broaden competences.

Cécile V. Avocat associé Paris

Joëlle distinguishes herself by her active listening and her constant desire to find solutions. She also explains her approach in a pedagogical manner, which greatly facilitates her clients' understanding.

Drawing from her professional experiences, she brings a clear vision to the clients, enabling them to identify and overcome obstacles. that may be hindering their progress The NLP sessions have been effective and lead tangible results.

Violaine I, Executive Coach
Superviseuse Paris

I am the supervisor of Joelle Brahin.

As a coach she gives a strong empathy and a deep listening to her clients. Her highlevel background, related to her business lawyer experience, enables her to understand complexe situations and to bring light to her client in a few sessions. Her Harrisson assessment offer is a very powerful development solution particularly for managers and CEOs.

Laura S. Entrepreneur, London


Our last session, the NLP session helped me tremendously. It allowed me to refocus on positive emotions and regain my confidence. The tree of life exercise, as well as your talent in making me reflect and become aware of my fears to better confront them, were particularly beneficial.

I am always satisfied with your services! I have appreciated the hybrid approach of our sessions, combining face-to-face and remote meetings. The flexibility has been essential given my schedule, and it has allowed me to benefit fully from your guidance.

Since the beginning of our collaboration, I have learned to express my needs with kindness without fearing to hurt others. My self-confidence has increased, and my fears have subsided. I now understand that my needs are just as important as those of others.

Our coaching sessions have greatly helped me regain control of my professional life. I feel liberated and ready to face new adventures!

Thank you for your help and professionalism. Our sessions have brought me a lot

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